What to Know When Planning a Move from New York to Florida

Since 2010, more than 1 million people have chosen to move out of New York, according to US Census. Surprisingly, many of these people have elected Florida as their new home state, perhaps because of the beautiful weather and abundance of beaches. Whether you’ve chosen to move to the sunshine state because of the reasons above or you simply have a job there, don’t move without first reading the important tips below from moving companies Miami, FL. These can help make sure the process of long distance moving goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

1. Don’t Pack All Your Clothes

Most areas in Florida experience pleasant weather the majority of the year. For this reason, you’ll want to leave much of your winter clothing with friends, family, or a local thrift store. While you’ll still want to keep a select few pieces, the majority of your gear isn’t worth hauling all the way down to Florida.

2. You’ll Need Your Furniture

When most people move to New York, especially NYC, they have to leave their big furniture behind because it won’t be able to fit in a small city apartment. Since real estate in Florida will afford you more space, you’ll want to bring any furniture you can. However, don’t bother moving pieces that are weak or structurally compromised, as they likely won’t make the trip down.

3. Plan Your Route

If you plan on moving your belongings yourself, it’s important to map out your route ahead of time. This is especially true in the winter when roads can be dangerous in most parts of the east coast. When snow is on the ground, equip yourself with the appropriate tires and a four-wheel drive truck.

4. Movers are Useful

Unless you have a lot of spare time, hiring movers is the best way to go with this type of move. The drive time can be over 17 hours, which doesn’t include any stops for gas or rest along the way. By hiring movers, you can fly straight to your new home and save yourself the stress of navigating that very long drive in a big truck.

5. Pack According to Weather

Scorching temperatures in Florida can put some of your belongings at risk of melting when they’re stuck in the hot sun. This includes things like cosmetics, food, putty, or anything made of a very soft material. To keep them safe, you’ll want to move them with you rather than put them in a moving truck.

6. Arrange for a New Home

If you’re not planning on renting, you’ll need to find a home to buy in Florida before you pack your things. In most situations, real estate transactions close much more quickly in Florida than in New York, so be prepared to go quickly once you find a place.

Making the Move to Sunshine

Making the move to Florida can be a great choice for anyone who loves the sun and sand. However, it’s important to prepare since this is a move that can be exhausting. While the tips above are essential, don’t forget to utilize packing lists and checklists to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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